Ohaus Pioneer

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Pioneer’s draft shield is constructed of all glass panels and three sliding doors, which are easy to remove for cleaning or storage.

The up-front level indicator is located right next to the display and allows the user to quickly make sure the balance is level prior to each use.

Pioneer is designed with selectable environmental settings and three filter modes in order to ensure accurate operation in a variety of settings.

PA4101C 4100g 0.1g 180mm
PA4101CM 4100g 0.1g 180mm
PA64 65g 0.1mg 90mm
PA114 110g 0.1mg 90mm
PA214 210g 0.1mg 90mm
PA64C 65g 0.1mg 90mm
PA114C 110g 0.1mg 90mm
PA214C 210g 0.1mg 90mm
PA64CM 65g 0.1mg 90mm
PA114CM 110g 0.1mg 90mm
PA214CM 210g 0.1mg 90mm
PA213 210g 1mg 120mm
PA413 410g 1mg 120mm
PA213C 210g 1mg 120mm
PA413C 410g 1mg 120mm
PA213CM 210g 1mg 120mm
PA413CM 410g 1mg 120mm
PA512 510g 0.01g 180mm
PA2102 2100g 0.01g 180mm
PA4102 4100g 0.01g 180mm
PA4101 4100g 0.1g 180mm
PA512C 510g 0.01g 180mm
PA2102C 2100g 0.01g 180mm
PA4102C 4100g 0.01g 180mm
PA512CM 510g 0.01g 180mm
PA2102CM 2100g 0.01g 180mm
PA4102CM 4100g 0.01g 180mm