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Product: Ohaus Adventurer


The OHAUS Adventurer Pro series of analytical balances have just the right combination of features to support the weighing needs of almost any laboratory application. With multiple connectivity options, a weigh below hook, six application modes, and capacities from 65g-260g, the Adventurer Pro analytical balances are the most versatile in their class.

The frameless draft shield with removable doors offers easy access to the weighing chamber and is extremely easy to clean.

Metal base, ABS top housing, stainless steel pan, up-front level indicator, integral weigh below hook, security bracket, calibration lock.

AX124 120g 0.1mg
AX124/E 120g 0.1mg
AX224 220g 0.1mg
AX224/E 220g 0.1mg
AX324 320g 0.1mg
AX223 220g 1mg
AX223/E 220g 1mg
AX423 420g 1mg
AX423/E 420g 1mg
AX523 520g 1mg
AX523/E 520g 1mg
AX1502 1520g 0.01g
AX1502/E 1520g 0.01g
AX2202 2200g 0.01g
AX2202/E 2200g 0.01g
AX4202 4200g 0.01g
AX4202/E 4200g 0.01g
AX5202 5200g 0.01g
AX8201 8200g 0.1g
AX8201/E 8200g 0.1g
AX622 620g 0.01g
AX622/E 620g 0.01g
AX4201 4200g 0.1g
AX4201/E 4200g 0.1g
AX422 420g 0.01g
AX422/E 420g 0.01g
AX822 820g 0.01g
AX822/E 820g 0.01g
AX2201 2200g 0.01g
AX2201/E 2200g 0.01g

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