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Product: Ohaus Navigator


Operate the balance with the two touchless sensors that free up your hands for the handling of samples while limiting keypad wear and tear and cross-contamination.

Navigator NV stabilizes in less than one second to provide fast and accurate weighing results while improving operator efficiency, productivity and throughput.

The superior mechanical overload protection system safeguards the balance from sustaining damage when loads of up to 400% of its rated capacity are placed on the pan.

NV3100M 3100g 1g 190x138mm(7.5×5.4in)
NV212 210g 0.01g 120mm(4.7in)
NV511 510g 0.1g 190x138mm(7.5×5.4in)
NV1101 1100g 0.1g 190x138mm(7.5×5.4in)
NV2101 2100g 0.1g 190x138mm(7.5×5.4in)
NV4101 4100g 0.2g 190x138mm(7.5×5.4in)
NV5101 5100g 0.5g 190x138mm(7.5×5.4in)

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